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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is advising against non-essential travel to Slovakia and Hungary,

as well as the Jämtland and Örebro regions in Sweden, the Southern Denmark region in Denmark

and the Kainuu region in Finland.

The changes are effective from Saturday 12th September at 00:00 a.m.

All travellers from these countries and regions who arrive in Norway from 12th September 

must be in quarantine for 10 days.   

The map shows the areas affected by quarantine upon arrival in Norway from the 12th September 2020.

The Government's advice is to avoid all non-essential travel abroad.

Red colour = high transmission and quarantine is required upon arrival in Norway.

Yellow = increased risk but quarantine not required upon arrival in Norway.

Striped areas = not evaluated or insufficient data about transmission, quarantine is required..

Illustration: Norwegian Institute of Public Health

To travel in a way that will prevent you from spreading the infection means that you:

- Do not travel if you are ill.
- Maintain good hand and cough hygiene
- Keep at least 1 metre distance to those you do not live with

The advice will help prevent and limit the transmission and spread of covid-19.

Keep in mind that the infection situation and the advice for infection control may change rapidly.